Dog Ear CleanserEar Infections Are The Most Common Recurring Problem For Dogs

Many dogs have the same problem

Does your dog suffer from:
– Recurring, chronic ear issues?
– Itchy, sore ears?
– Are they smelly and do they stink?
– Are they goopy or filled with waxy build up that clogs the ear?

Leg Up Pet Products Innovative Dog Ear Cleanser 1 Step Solution is preferred by professional groomers for ear maintenance and prevention and is a soothing ear cleanser specially formulated to clean, dry and deodorize the ear canal.

Otic Cleanser – dries up any moisture in the ear that can facilitate fungal, yeast, or bacterial growth.

The advanced solution includes a time tested anti-infection agent.

– Dog Ear Cleaning Formula minimizes irritations.
– Safe and effective in maintaining good ear hygiene
– Helps deodorize and clean odors associated with ears
– Effective on most ear problems including yeast, mites and moisture Dog Ear Cleanser

BONUS – special solution can be used to prevent excessive licking, on hot spots and on minor cuts and scratches to heal them quicker.

Quality Assurance – Dog Ear Cleanser Solution is manufactured in a facility that has received an ‘A’ grade from the NAS Council for the quality of its pet products. The Quality Seal provides independent verification and strict adherence to quality guidelines.

Money Back Guarantee – we are confident our formula will work for your dog but if after 60 Days it does not you may request a refund. See our refund policy.
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Your dog will thank you, you will notice the difference – all at NO Risk